Anti-Bot Challenges in the Mobile World

Tue 09 August 2016

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Bots are everywhere, crawling all over the internet. Some are good, cataloguing websites and enabling you to search for pictures of cats with ease. Others are all about information gathering, theft and fraud, and are bad news. More and more time is being spent accessing the Internet from mobile devices, and apps are becoming increasingly important as the software performing this access. Apps are a new and challenging arena for existing anti-bot techniques and attackers are starting to shift their focus from the mobile web channel to mobile apps to try and circumvent current protection mechanisms. Read more at

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Securing Pokémon

Tue 26 July 2016

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A massive success, a staggered worldwide release, ravening hordes of eager adults (and children) with an obsessive urge to catch ’em all. I am of course talking about Pokémon GO from Niantic. Read more at

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