Who We Are Looking For

We employ engineers and software architects that value a stimulating working environment coupled with a very attractive work/life balance.

Please note that all open positions are at our HQ in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We are looking for an experienced consultant or technical sales specialist in the field of embedded and mobile security products. Read more...
We are always looking for the best skills to contribute to the success of CriticalBlue. Read more...

Career Prospects and Benefits

As CriticalBlue grows, you can expect your role to expand both in importance and actual salary level. We are keen on maintaining a happy workforce and a flexible approach to everyone's working needs.

All positions come with the following benefits:

  • Stakeholder Pension Scheme
  • In-Work Life Insurance
  • Dining / lounge area, two kitchen areas
  • Flexible holiday allowance
  • Free pizza and beer at least once monthly, as part of our Games Night tradition

What It Is Like

You will be expected to tackle state-of-the-art technological tasks, but will always have the support of your team mates and colleagues and will be expected to help shape the future direction of many of our projects.

Concrete adoption of Agile methodologies, cooperative teamwork at all levels, direct feedback from the board of investors, a rapid pace towards an entirely digital world... All of this and much more is happening right now right here at CriticalBlue! CriticalBlue has elements of a traditional software house, an agile development hub, and a cutting edge start-up. We believe we have found the right way to blend all these aspects into a very satisfying working environment.

At CriticalBlue, we believe that we have created an environment within which you will solve complex problems, learn new skills and enjoy the company of your colleagues. You will be given free reign to attack specific problems, but the sharing of issues and discussion of possible solutions is encouraged. Our open office layout contributes to and encourages personal interaction, while flexibility in working hours and vacation means you can adjust your work patterns to accommodate your professional deadlines and personal schedule.

Working In Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, scores at the top among the best places to live in the UK, and its history, monuments and International Festival make it a popular tourist attraction. CriticalBlue's main office is located in the Pleasance area, with stunning views of Arthur's Seat and a good selection of shops, restaurants and pubs nearby.

Compared to enterprises located in larger cities, CriticalBlue can offer you the same amount of leisure opportunities and work satisfaction but without the premium accommodation costs, the long commutes, and ensuing stress levels.

Personal Stories

Recent PhD

I first heard about CriticalBlue from one of my PhD supervisors and one of the other PhD students in our communal office at Edinburgh University. They told me that CriticalBlue had some smart people working on some interesting projects that might fit my interests, read more ...

Corporate Escapee

I was employed at a large multinational company for over a year; the work environment was great and well established, but it just wasn't what I was looking for. Read more ...

Long-Term Employee

I am a Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager at CriticalBlue. Read more ...