Staying ahead of the competition requires vigilant monitoring of your performance debt, while responding to emerging security threats requires inventive applications of standard cryptography.

In both areas CriticalBlue will help you to focus on your core business by applying our products and expertise to help you chart your course through the sea of technological possibilities.

Our award-winning, patented, mature technology stack and intellectual property, which underpin our offerings, will enhance your product performance, security and integrity.

Where do you want to start?

Performance Engineering

Discover and exploit new business opportunities by enabling higher levels of performance on your existing hardware. Achieve this by exposing previously undiscovered bottlenecks in your software. Our Prism technology platform encompasses tools, techniques and services that leverage binary level dynamic understanding of how complex software systems operate as they interact with computer architectures.

Mobile API Protection

Ensure that your mobile business will prosper by safeguarding mobile APIs through strong authentication of the traffic reaching your servers. Our Approov mobile app authentication technology harnesses in-depth knowledge of the full software stack to identify the unique code signature of a particular app, enabling its unspoofable identification in order to block malicious bots.